A Parade of Tiny Ponies: Tales from a Visit to West Texas

It was odd to go back to little ‘ol Lubbock again. It was the first visit since I’d graduated school there and while the “college town” feeling did sweep over me at least once, I realized I had forgotten the little world I had established way outside of school there too. I had a near full time job all the way through college, and while I loved working for Bobbi Brown, it was the ladies in Chanel and other areas of the store that always ran to my rescue when I was having a broke college kid moment.  It was wonderful to see them again and say “look! You helped me! I’m not eating Ramen anymore!” It was also awesome to have the opportunity to get to help my brother get started in his first semester, and have him walk me around the campus showing me his classes, where he hung out, and Tech as a whole through his eyes. Pictures from my weekend:

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While I adore Austin and proudly call it home, it was awesome to be able to walk into the same smoke filled room, have a seat, and recognize all the faces that I hadn’t seen in over a year. Lil west Texas surely is my home away from home.

Not to mention that on my mini vacation I saw a random parade of mini ponies followed by the iconic masked rider (NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE!) which was freaking amazing but also found an H&M sweater, Free People dress, 60’s necklace & vintage blouse at the lovely Lucy’s. I also visited some of my favorite faces in the building with the same ol yellow awning, revisited my lovely secret thinking spot on campus (I’d tell you where it was but then it wouldn’t be secret) and walked down Broadway again sipping a pumpkin coffee in the 68 degree morning.

 “All hail west Texas my home sweet home” –Annihilators


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