From the City Full of Sound – ACL 2011

ACL is insanity but of the good sort. I mean, think about the things you see. I saw two chicks with bows in their hair nearly punching each other in the face for a porta-potty, I saw Kanye and lights lights lights lights, saw someone drinking whiskey out of a ziploc bag and then fall into a tree and of course, saw some fantastic bands. Here’s my personal daily recap:

–Brooklyn Vegan

Best artist I saw was James Blake. Loved. How can you not? I owe my James Blake viewing to one of our owner’s wife Mary who is about to have a baby and therefore got to park us in lot B. I am gonna love the heck outta that baby. Lot B rules. We walked in right next to the stage he was playing and I proceeded to swoon.

Ray Lamontagne – Talk about perfect timing for a little breaky break on the lawn. Camped out for a spot where I could see his lovely face and thought he was just grand.

Bright Eyes – “I believe every girl’s right of passage into becoming a woman is to have some guy reference a Bright Eyes song at some point when talking about her” I love Conor. I do.

–Brooklyn Vegan

Kanye West -“Sit down, legs out, stand your ground ladies! Stand. Your. Ground.” that was our mantra going into the Kanye crush. What most may not know about me is that I’m a huge Kanye fan. I’m a bigger Jay-Z fan. You best believe that I was one of those holding on to the idea that he was going to pop out from backstage and interrupt solo West with a quick Watch the Throne “Gotta Have It” and Beyonce would sashay across the stage in something sequined and awesome. I die. No it didn’t happen. Kanye’s show got a lot of negative feedback but whatever, I had fun and made up for missing him at SXSW. Ballerinas ya’ll. Ballerinas.

Fleet Foxes – The picture above was taken at the Fleet Foxes show as it started to drizzle. Rain! Rain and picturing little foxes wearing red scarves prancing about in the snow…charming.

On the other end of the spectrum was Death From Above 1979. I got to this super late so was really far back but good ‘ol Garrett is up front thrashing away.

Little Hurricane – played in the Do512 Lounge and I was in love with that girl the second she sat down. She has more sexy cool in her pinky finger than I will ever be able to possess. Who would like to teach me drums? Check them out doing the ACL Phantom camera – GLITTER!

That thing was amazing. A freaking mazing. There’s videos of bands, celebrities, and my goofball friends in Austin Music Weekly flipping out over it all here.

Meeting different bands every day in the lounge. It’s amazing to see the similarities and the differences of folks who are traveling around the country to pursue their passion. From the charming guys in Futurebirds who loved our Do512 fanny packs to the vast array of music genres represented in Chancellor Warhol to the Fendi belt and backpack Chiddy Bang was rocking to the nightstand and lamp stage accessories that Little Hurricane brought with them ON A PLANE – I couldn’t get enough of the quirkiness and awesome talent that walked through these doors.

I’ve been ACLin/Do512in for over a year now! Check out my first ACL with Do512 from 2010 here.


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