From The City Full of Sound: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 Recap

Fun Fun Fun Fest is appropriately named. It’s just downright fun. The crowd is older, the bands are better, the venue is calmer and the security is way nicer than any other fest ever. Every year I become more and more of a Fun Fun advocate. Here’s my personal highlights:

Day 1 –  Here we go!

We ran interviews with bands out of the Redbull Senicruiser which was pretty swanky and…all the free Red Bull I could drink. I was quite wired. Here’s some pics from the grounds.

Artist Lounge painting

This girl wore Jeffery Campbell shoes both days and was my hero

Photo by Brooklyn Vegan

Got to interview Jim Ward from At the Drive-In, Sleepercar & More. We bonded over West Texas love. Check out my interview with him HERE

Photo by Brooklyn Vegan

Yacht inspired many new dance moves for me for sure.

Photo by Brooklyn Vegan

Eeee yes met ’em. Yes melted. Turned into a total freaking girl. Loved/hated it.

Photo by Brooklyn Vegan

Oh boy…I really ought to stop being such a dork in public

Photo by Brooklyn Vegan

Danced my pants off at Passion Pit. They ruled so hard

Day 2 – Good, Dirty Fun

‘Twas quite dirty and cold today but so many good bands! Orange stage stakeout involved

Photo by Brooklyn Vegan
Photo by Sweet John and my messy red hat
Photo by Pooneh Ghana for Pitchfork

Lykke Freaking Li. She was my highlight. So…amazing.


Day 3 – Tired but dancing

I’m old ya’ll. I fade fast at these things now. The few things I was able to catch on Day 3 though were pretty rad. I’d have to say, Architecture in Helsinki was def worth meeting and seeing live.

by Chad Wadsworth for Pitchfork

Interview footage and videos will be added later! For now, I just need a verrrrry long nap. 🙂


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