Bill Cunningham: New York

Last night I finally, finally found the time to watch Bill Cunningham New York after having had it in my list of must sees for months. He was so charming! He wore the same smock, lived in a teeny (I mean TEENY) one bedroom apartment in Carnegie Hall full of filing cabinets and never to the naked eye would ever look like a man who knew a hat from a hole in the ground. He’s notably the first to have made a career on shooting street style long before other greats in the vast array of keen fashion bloggers including the Satorialist ever came about. I highly recommend it. You can currently watch it on Netflix.

Fashion is an armor to survive everyday life – Bill Cunningham


2 thoughts on “Bill Cunningham: New York

  1. I saw the film on Cunningham and find him to be a remarkable talent with staying-power. How wonderful that a gentleman on a bike, snapping photos of multi-millionaires and simply stylish folks is so beloved – and he is beloved because he cares. Now ‘I’ know of Bill Cunningham and I CARE ABOUT HIM TOO.

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