The 630 Species of North American Mayfly & Other Topics in Cheering Up

I listen to Sufjan. I then read the comments left on Sufjan videos. I then feel that I have at least a pinky toe more on the ground than some folks and having avoided stating “eargasms” in a public forum of any sort, in and of itself, somehow makes me feel better. I then research shadflys.

It also feels nice to know that, no matter the volume of dreary days that have betrayal of trust staring contests or low bank account marathons sketched into their itinerary, at least our lives are longer than that of a mayfly aka a shadfly. Poor little ugly bastards can bet on a life spanning from a mere few hours to a few days. I’d suppose one couldn’t feel too much of anything, good or bad, in just a few hours.

if my wife took a bicycle ride with a knife in her hand,

I saw it coming.

all the shadflies run at once, with a trumpet or a train —

oh, I’m running from it.



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