Embroidered in Raider Red

I graduated from the establishment of higher education known as Texas Tech University and while my adventures in Lubbock spanned far and wide (post KTXT internet radio, makeup artistry with Bobbi Brown, coaching gymnastics) I never was really able to find anyone else who had an affinity for vintage clothing other than miss Gravity Jones. Desert Rose in Cactus Alley is the most terrifyingly amazing vintage store I have ever been fortunate enough to peruse and while there’s certainly more folks in Austin with a flair for vintage apparel, I still longed for that one token classic piece that encapsulated my Lubbock college years in textile form.

That’s where Eric from Etiquette Vintage Designs comes in to play. The designer behind a whole slew of collegiate sweaters, he takes genuine vintage pieces and makes them into custom sweaters for each customer’s alma matter.  UT? No problem. Arkansas? Done.  I first saw his work all over Pinterest and after delving into a bit of research on his line, figured out that he had ties to Austin, Tech, and my original hometown of ABQ. Two peas in a pod.

I got my TTU cashmere 50’s sweater and have not taken it off since it arrived. I honestly don’t have any college themed clothes or T-shirts but have always been a HUGE Tech football fan (after this season…we know it’s not bandwagon) and can’t wait to wear it to game watching parties. You can talk to him about getting suited up for your very own sweater at Etiquette Vintage Designs. I’m honestly so thrilled that I have something that’s so unique and has its own history already, to remind me of those glorious book filled years.

(Forgive the pictures…twas rainy!) Sweater c/o Etiquette Vintage Designs


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