Little Simple Client Gifts: Happy Christmas to You…Here, Have a Kazoo

We had to keep client gifts pretty small this year so I made a little folder for our clients and tucked a little kazoo in there for them to use for New Year’s. Cheesy? Yes. But it’s cute. They didn’t come out as nice as I would have liked due to time but it’s an idea to document at least. Happy Christmas to you. Here, have a kazoo. Here’s some examples:

Hotel Vegas
Black Sheep Lodge
Here's a kazoo!
Deep Eddy Vodka
Alamo Drafthouse
The Highball

Yeeeikes I have to hone my crafting skills. I do have to say a huge thank you to a woman named Gisele here in Austin that responded to a twitter post I put out asking for paper craft donations with such an insanely lovely and generously large donation of TONS of brand spanking new craft supplies including a cutting system with like 12 blades…it was amazing. Thank you Gisele!


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