12 Before ’12

I already wrote my New Year’s resolutions post which, if you don’t die of boredom during this post or perhaps left a tab open on this blog and accidentally click refresh a week from now, you may actually see it. It’s snarky. All snark aside, I will DEFEAT the traditional idea of waiting until Dec 31 to slur out “guys like no seriously really I mean like I have to lose at least five pounds I think I can feel my eyelids getting fatter and that’s what happened to Oprah it’s how it staaaarts,” I’ll pick 12 things and do them before 2012 even GETS here.

Type Everything


1. Choose a completely random and new continuing education class and enroll in it before December 30

2. Wrap all Christmas presents using clever things I find around the house instead of wrapping paper.

3. Make my brother eat a piece of bread with goat cheese on it before December 30

4. Complete a defensive driving course that was assigned to me by a jolly ol police officer who thought I looked bored and wasn’t fond of my stop sign methods before December 30

5. Do all Christmas related activities with ONE roll of Scotch tape

6. Read one entire book in 4 days

7. Utilize any and all break/rest time to prepare plans and organizational strategies for the coming year

8. Actually mail the Christmas cards I took the time to write and address

9. Learn how to say my shoes are blue in five different languages

10. Find a pair of blue shoes so that I’m charming when I learn to say it and not simply a crazy person

11. Bake my famous mini pies for my childhood neighbors

12. Tell those I love that I love them even if they don’t like hearing mushy words.


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