A Little Local Playlist

Last week, Austin Music Weekly was so very sweet and asked me to curate a list from some of the local band’s shows that took place in 2011. You can stream the songs by clicking their links. Here’s a bit of my guest post:

“Here’s a full disclaimer: I’m a bit of a twee hugger. I like it real, but I like it cute: baby squirrels hauling acorns, tiny pies, and a slice of retro soul music with my coffee, and I become an unstoppable machine ready to tackle the world! It’s a simple life.

I’m not a musician myself, but I’ve always sought solace in music and am so grateful to reside in a city full of such talent. Austin Music Weekly is one of the hardest working companies around and understands the importance of capturing this talent and keeping it alive. Through their work I’ve been introduced to a slew of music and bands comprised of people that live mere blocks from me. It’s amazing!

I love all the bands appearing on this playlist, and I’ve been lucky enough to see each perform more than a few times. I made this playlist so you can fall in love with them all too. And if you happen to run into any baby squirrels, please tell them hello for me.

[Rachel Daily is the account manager at Do512 and works with local venues, businesses and artists to get word out to Austinites about awesome things and stuff going on around town.]


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