I’d Imagine the Question Mark Effectively Got Its Point Across Starting From Day One

What is that?


I got to see one of my favorite favorites on Saturday night and luckily, he was everything I hoped he would be right down to the blaring white New Balance sneakers. Sexy, smart, can sing & draw and is way funnier than listening to 14 year olds cuss at each other while my roommate plays Xbox 360 which is pretty darn funny..he’s the perfect man.

He’s right on the poster, though. It wasn’t cold. But his show was the start of one of the best nights ever and I can honestly say that while I’m rather against live comedy (Bob Saget is less funny than college finals taken on a full week’s stomach of Ramen and stress induced dehydration while lingering snippets of teen angst are somehow sneaking into your outgoing text messages at 3am…) I just simply adore Demetri.

“The closer your tattoos are to your body holes, the crazier you are.”

It’s ok to look both ways when you’re crossing the street. If you didn’t, you’d be crazy. If you look both ways any other time though, that’s really crazy. Hi, can I hold your baby *left…right* Hey, I’d like to try some of your pizza *left….right*

I think we should re-do the buttons on elevators.

L 1


L 3

L 4


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