It’s a Cute Spring

It’s cute how Austin thinks it has a spring. It swaps from 40 degrees to 83 in two days. We took full advantage of the sun this weekend and bought some new shrubs with blooming, bright yellow flowers, a whole fleet of rosemary, and a random smattering of other plants for our backyard.

Also, I now have the loveliest of washer & dryer situations possibly ever in my house which has fully completed the list of items needed and it’s grand. Clean underwear? ALL THE TIME!? I mean really give me anything at all that could possibly be more grand than that. Fare thee well creepy old man with a walkman. So long girl wearing “single and proud” sans serif fonted T-shirt with deliberate holes in the back. Adios greasy couple who finds it enchanting to make out on the folding table amongst his odd smattering of mismatched oddly olive green business socks at 1 pm on a Sunday. I shall leave you to your laundromat!  I love this time of year.

No, mine absolutely does not look like this. But it darn freaking might as well. A clothes horse is not at peace until she finds her perfect mates.

SXSW 2012 is in fully swing for me starting tomorrow and leading through the 18 so I will be far too distracted and consumed by work to post, but for today I’m just pondering what to wear in typical procrastinating fashion. Paule Ka was a good place to start for some good spring festival ideas.

Paule Ka via 1

Want me to wash your socks? Cause…… I will.


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