Behind the Music

Marketing through indie bands is not a new thing. In fact, I used to think I was super awesome in middle school for finding out all these cool new bands but really I was just googling something cool I heard on a car commercial.

According to an article in Ad Week, they stated that it’s a fairly new trend to use indie bands as the soundtracks to commercials but I think middle school Rachel would have to disagree. What about Lights being used to sell Old Navy T-Shirts? How bout OK Go being used to sell…well everything…post their treadmill video success story? Cartel sold Dr. Pepper, and even Electric President has had their moment in the selling sun. Those were all off the top of my head but were easily commercials that took place 6-10 years ago. It does make sense though. I  remember three years ago suddenly thinking Chrysler wasn’t quite as lame because they at least knew to use Phoenix instead of yet another Maroon 5 song to target their “easy listening young professional adult demographic.” What about Rilo Kiley and Kaiser Chiefs softly singing to you while you shop at Dillard’s? Same thing. I’m cool with Sleigh Bells selling me cars, personally. I just don’t know if it’s the smartest thing on the artist’s part to do it. From an advertising perspective, getting Ray Lamontagne to sell dog bones sounds brilliant! Great musician, good song, affordable price la de la da. Then you overhear at ACL, “hey guys! It’s the dog bone commercial guy.” There’s gossip in the grain on a whole new level

            “…when it comes to how selective bands can be about brands, they are, in general, “loosening the reins…

and I think that’s a big, bad, ugly, ugly no no. Who else will forever think of Feist as iPod girl despite the fact that Metals is one of the best albums that’s been released this year thus far? I’m all for tiny bands getting their fair share of household attention but I’d honestly have to say that watching them cling to sponsors that don’t make sense is puzzling to me.

Read the formal article from Ad Week


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