Google & Coca-Cola, Cotton Candy Flashbacks & Why I Need New Tights – SXSW Recap 2012

This year I bought my power bars, I had my ibuprofen, I drank orange juice every morning. I was going to make it happen. Roll tape:

Best Panel – The best panel I saw was in the Google Discovery House and a GoogleGuy talked about how they have been working on taking classic advertising campaigns and restructuring them so that they are effective and relevant in the digital era. Here’s where my mind is about to be blown. Remember the Buy the World a Coke ad?

Well Google put their smart brains together and built a machine that lets you buy someone in the world (with access to another magic machine) a coke! Example: one lovely volunteer came out of the crowd, clicked the buy someone in New York a coke button, and then the projector shifted to a camera on a coke machine in New York that began to sing the 70’s song, showed a red swirling ribbon flying through Google Maps, and out popped a free coke for two very happy recipients. Blew…my…mind. So so smart.  Watch and be amazed:

Best Free Show: La Sera at Hotel Vegas! Honestly I still really love SX for the fact that you can wander into a random place and accidentally catch a band you love at one in the morning. I love La Sera and Katy Goodman was so darn charming in person that my inner twee hugger was happily geeking out (and wishing I owned more chiffon…) Also, Cloud Nothings rule really hard and I managed to catch them at the ND. Awesome, awesome musicians. Definitely a show worth seeing.

Best Brand Spotting: Seeing the Kate Spade tour bus! My red tights were excited too. They aren’t Kate Spade though, and you can tell because as I was taking a totally inspired, artistic and super de duper Pinterest worthy post of my fancy Target sparkle shoes, there’s a run in my left stocking. Live colorfully…oh honey…maybe not you. No, I’m kidding it was cool to see. Brand love!

Best Event: The Warby Parker Citizen’s Circus was kinda like a dream land for me. Flower arrangements, hammocks in the trees, little blue bikes, blankets strewn on the grass, tents full of charming eyewear and vintage clothes, Karen Elson wandering about in glamorous, albeit little, clothing and beer. It’s like Rachlandia. Seriously. I did have a runaway daydream that one of the circus performers would accidentally hit me in the eye with their juggling pin (flashbacks…mother?) but then a small child sold me cotton candy so I sat down and enjoyed the little SXSW oasis that was the French Legation. Splendid.

Best Overhear: Listening to the girl during interactive who ran in to some restaurant and stole Leonardo DiCaprio’s e-cigarette and wanted everyone withing a 50 ft radius of her to know that while telling one lucky person on the other end of her cellular phone device. I then formulated a plan in which I will get famous, not for riches or just a hot man. No, I will get famous so that I can lick things and people will not only take them home but they will regale their children with tales of the day they stole my have gnawed crouton. It’s a life choice I’ve made.

The Do512 Big One Presented by Shiner was awesome…but we worked hard ya’ll. Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun! I didn’t creepily stalk Dead Confederate into the alley if anyone asks ps. Here’s a recap of that event and the hardest working day for us of the entire week:

Also, Yukon Blonde in our Do512 Lounge ruled really really hard. Check em out. Best SX takeaway band.

Hugs and giggles till next year,



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