Can You Imagine How Much It Would Hurt to Get Hit in the Head with a Texas Shaped Cast Iron Skillet?

Or no, I mean umm can you imagine how much fun it would be to eat uhh Texas shaped eggs? Look, you never know when the evil and completely terrifying possums will wander from their comfortable places in my backyard (try planting begonias with those things stink eying you) so I think prepared.

I'm not really hungry right now so umm maybe just some Rhode Island pancakes if that's ok.

FeLion Studios will make you a custom skillet or skillets if you so desire to collect an entire geographic region! I imagine that’s targeted more to like the folks that live in New Jersey but work in New York sooo duh need both. Lived in more than one state? Live in a boring shaped state? Well your choices come in the pricing. For the great state of Texas, you’re looking at a cool $2000. For my home state, New Mexico, “the square pan that will be impossible to ever fit onto an actual burner that’s why pans are round ya dummy” you’re only out $700. Kitschy eggs. I liiiiiiike it.

This is your egg...this is your egg without New Hampshire.

I just….I just can’t stop looking at the gloriousness that is Colorado’s….

I’m not going to hit a possum with a skillet, chill out.


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