Work ‘n Work – Delta Spirit Do512 Lounge Session

How you know there’s probably about to be a lounge session workday instead of a sitting at your desk workday: there’s suddenly a lot of strangers with odd hair and shoes in the office, tiny hamburgers show up without fail, and the wood shop business next door asks us if we are having another party with drums. Sorry neighbor…teeny burger?

This was last Friday and probably my favorite Lounge session we’ve ever had (besides when I awkwardly told Wakey Wakey dude I was in love with him and jumped on a big brown school bus with Typhoon but made an intern come with me cause I was too scared to talk to them. It really is a shame I never grew out of my goosey goosey stage…)

It sorta helped that all the guys that played were like ral ral cuuute and the weather was perfect.

Check out all the Do512 Lounge sessions we’ve had (110 bands just since last January! I cannot believe it!) and a little review of the most recent in the Austinist.


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