From the Water Cooler: Updates From the Office

I don’t post much about my job on here because, well, it’s my job. But I was inspired by a piece that miss Kristin wrote about our office wide email archives regarding Boomtown. While we do work really hard here, (read: 5 people doing the work of at least 25… + an army of killer interns) we also swing some fun. The frazzle sets in occasionally though, and there’s no better time to see it than the Friday before a three day weekend. Pardon me as I post the amazingness (or maybe just to me) ramble that came out of the office recently along with some pictures of how we stay busy.

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Any big plans for this Labor Day weekend? Oh by the way, no work on Monday – Rachel


WAIT WHAT?! – Ross
No work on Monday – Rachel
Oh I thought pizza was announced but no work —- good too – Ross

Can I get a pedi cab ride Russ? – Ben
Name’s Russ, hop on in – Ross

That Tacoma is a like a backwards helicopter – Matt
I’d like to tap dance around in your brain – Rachel

I hope they buy snacks – Candice
You shoulda placed an order – Ben
I diiiiiiiiiiiid place an orda! I got a coca cola – Candice

What kind of man in his right mind would marry me – Neda
Has anyone proposed or is this just like…a someday thing? – Kristin
There are some Arabs asking – Neda

We are really mean to each other you guys – Neda
Shut up – Ross

Rachel…..come over here…….. – Ben
Okaay – Rachel
What uh…what……… are you doin tonight? – Ben
Good Ben. Five years later and I’m still creeped out by you – Rachel

Hey Ben, how’s it going? – Jamie
Good. Well. I mean. I bit my mouth during breakfast so. I was bleeding pretty bad. – Ben

This random guy started g-chatting me – Rachel
Give you 20 bucks if you say you wanna cyber – Matt
Huh?……………MATT! No, I’d be the worst person at that ever..I’d be so terrible – Rachel
*high voice – waving arms* I’m dressed like a pony! – Matt

Ross, you have a girlfriend? – Dylan
Yes, a real one – Ross
How’d you get that? – Dylan
You just have to make them believe you’re somebody else – Ross

Scott calling Kirk: “Gimme the meth. Hi, I was pretending I was pocket dialing you from a meth party. We need you to restart the server.”

Can I mix word—-no stupid question never mind – Neda
There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. – Rachel


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