We, Not Me.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – reading material per work that applies not only to co-workers, but is incredibly applicable to personal relationships and friendships as well. Ego is a dastardly thing. Not a new book, just one I actually was able to read and agree with.

“The model Lencioni articulates to prevent and manage the team dysfunctions is straightforwad and based upon a common sense practical approach to step by step tackle each issue; it all begins with acknowledging their presence and I think this is the toughest part of it all. This because of a key barrier to recognize the presence of such dysfunctions: big individual egos. The bigger they are the stronger the dysfunctions within the team; the novel shows this over and over. Big egos are the source of organizational politics focusing more on individual status and power than the actual achievement of group and organizational results. Big egos lower the individual perception of other team members’ contribution, or potential for contribution, to teamwork and therefore directly affect the way an organization fully values and utilizes its own resources. Often this is why team (and organizational) results are lacking. Eventually an extended period of lack of results leads to an ego “deflating” effect; too often too little, too late, for both the individual and the organization.”  – Knowledge for Action


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