A Field Guide to Invisible People in Chairs : Thoughts About the Infographic

It’s amazing how funny and interesting infographics suddenly are when you have way, way too much work to do. It’s amazing how that’s actually the ONLY time they are funny or interesting. It’s also interesting how Google still puts little red squiggles under the word infographic since every digital media anyone ever makes them about everything always. How tiny squirrels eat pizza with no hands – an infographic. How to dip dye your own shoelaces which you may then use as just regular string if you prefer to tie a bag closed for example – an infographic. How to best release the news that Angela Lansbury still, for whatever reason, makes frequent appearances in your dreams – an infograpic. The periodic table of elephants – an infographic – a real one. Following?

Giggle from Ben Greenman – a name that can be gramatically altered beautifully. Been green, man? Fun. He’s also a badass so that’s fun too. 

Infographic examples above should not alarm you about my current mental state. I had a copious amount of iced coffee today and I’m currently dealing with that fact in the form of odd thought processes. What should be taken away from this is that if I get another infographic emailed to me about the birth of Facebook and idea strategies behind effectively targeting primary synergistic synergized synergy key mutually beneficial BLAGH SHUT UP —-I’ll probably Google invisible infographics instead. Please carry on and have a lovely day.


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