From the City Full of Sound – ACL 2012

Festival season is like Christmas when you’re 7. You wait you wait you wait, you think of everything you want, you ponder and prepare and set alarms and the whole bit and then it’s over. The main difference is that when you’re a kid after Christmas, you have a lot of new random stuff like Skip It and toy trucks to play with. When you’re in your mid-twenties and it’s post festival work weekend, you feel like you got beat the eff down with a Skip It and got dragged down the road by a truck from Austin to Marfa and then back again.

I’m in “When Skip Its Attack” mode right now but while it’s all fresh, let’s recaparoo.

Friday was spent almost entirely in preparation of the festival but we did manage to sneak in a few lounge sessions here in the office including one with my new best friends (not friends at all – they don’t know I exist) the Whigs. Holy, drummer. These guys were absolutely amazing and totally, totally worth how hot the room got. Knees down, shredding hard, screw everyone else with their guitars. Bookmarked, spotified, bought the T-shirt, done check done.

Saturday – 

Peace, love, and unitards. Saturday was a really weird day for me. The early morning consisted of lifting couches and decorating a green room for Gary Clark Jr.  Hoookay let’s see what kind of fine cheeses Target has these days and buy a lot of Jameson. Rock ‘n roll.

I did leave Saturday afternoon with a new life mission though and that was to one day learn how to tap dance drum. What’s that you ask? It consists of one tap dancing…on a drum. It’s also the coolest thing ever. He’s my Brother, She’s my Sister ruled the Lounge with their spunk and smiles and totally made me feel all twirly and colorful inside. It was a weird emotion to have…twirly. Look at what a whimsically sexy, sexy band this is:

Photo by Matt Ellis

I also snuck away briefly to catch Texas Tech spanking West Virginia. Tap dancing drums and Raiders spanking does a solid Saturday make.

Around 4pm, we decided to try and venture down on foot to the festival. We didn’t get far, however, before a monsoon hit and we landed smack on a stranger’s porch for the next two hours. I can’t really describe that experience to you but here’s a us soaked and a picture of one of the dude’s choice footwear to try and sum it up.


They were very patient and oh so generous with us. Speaking of patient, we got back to the office and hauled to set up for quite possibly our biggest show yet, Gary Clark Jr. Whaaaat’s up. 11pm and all is well…actually, all is not well…boyfriend here with giant coffee…all is well! Again speaking of patience. Bless that man.

Pictures from GCjr:

Sunday –

No work! Kidnapped my dashing festival companion of choice and wandered into ACL for the first time. Better late than never – which is good considering I’ll likely be late forever. Show em to me now:

via Paste

Freelance Whales, Policia, Gary Clark Jr. again, Two Door Cinema Club, Lumineers, Childish Gambino

I’m getting old. I feel the aftermath of these weekends now and I never used to before.  At least not that I remember. It’s weird. To read about previous years when I was still young and fresh and didn’t need eye cream, check out ACL 2011 and ACL 2010.

I’m going to go buy new bedding as a treat and then I’m going to lay in it. Forever. Fine. Until Fun Fun Fun Fest. Till next m’year.

– Photo credits to Do512, Sweet John, and Nice Dude With Porch


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