From the City Full of Sound – Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

Welcome to my favorite weekend of the year outside of the other weekends of the year I call my favorite immediately following them.

I love Fun Fun Fun Fest. I really do. Friday night was filled with the thunder of Converge (rock and rage – ah I’m showing my age), me thinking I could jam dance to Run DMC and a surprising visit from a horse during the Santigold show. By surprising I mean she was great and by horse I mean horse. I followed the festival up by stopping by Mohawk for Surfer Blood and Seaweed with one of Do512’s former interns and my personal spirit guide who was staying with me, the infamous Mariah Carey loving Daphne.

Saturday was a day for glory and sore feet. I caught Braid, was enchanted by Why?’s cat tank top, caught Tanlines on the Blue Stage, had a Lifetime channel worthy conversation with my festival companion about how lovely life was, and creepily eavesdropped on the Head and the Heart’s lead singer the entire duration of the beer line. Shrunken leather jacket and swelling vocals – bamchikabambow baby. I’ll follow ya down some rivers and roads, you betcha.

The Handsome’s number 1 for Saturday was A$AP Rocky (dolla sign you’ll be jus fine.) I was pleasantly surprised – though lordie love a duck they needed to crank the volume on that ish – and am pleased to say, I’m a purple person. If you were at that show, you know what I’m sippin on here.

Sunday WAS MY JAM! Perfect lineup for Rachel :

1. Japandroids

2. Titus Andronicus

3. The Black Angels

There you have it folks I mean WHAT? Celebration Rock was my soundtrack for this summer. I’m absolutely an angst-y twenty-something who stays up late way too often but I have the courage of my convictions and am self aware darn it. Nights of wine and roses and lots of dirt on my toeses. Absolutely awesome.

The beautiful weather, the awesome crowd, the laid back nature of the fest, and being able to text my pro-aspiring skateboarder of a brother pictures of that huge half pipe so he would think I do cool things with my life were also huge bonuses.

Fun Fun always manages to remind me why I love the industry I landed in, how music is still what makes my heart feel its most free, and how despite occasionally becoming jaded every now and again – life is one giant, killer party.

Let the thunder roar

Until next year, FFF – hugs n snugs.


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