Between Hipsters and God There Is Sufjan Stevens


How Sufjan genuinely, truly honestly manages to pull off selling out a show that involved a giant Christmas wheel, boldly indisputable religious music, and a sing-along Christmess concert brochure to slews of twee-nie boppers, their SO’s, and quiet, now older hipsters who drink whiskey while mouthing, but not obviously so, every single word is something I have to sit down and think really, really hard about.


Maybe it’s that the title was

The Sufjan Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant On Ice ft. SUFJAN STEVENS…

Maybe it’s the Stones shirt he’s wearing while donning a metallic unicorn horn. Maybe it’s he’s incredibly self-aware and knows he’s ridiculous and that’s why he pulls it off. Maybe it’s because he starts by talking about how exhausted of Christmas he is despite him being the one who has released not one…but two GIANT Christmas compilations. Maybe it’s the fact that we all know his mind is one sparkling mess of bubbles, death and unicorns and seeing it on stage confirms our hopeful suspicions.


Maybe you didn’t cry during his encore. Maybe you’re not concerned about UFO Sightings or Chicago. Maybe – definitely – you are made of stone.

Or maybe you’re a lot more normal than I am. Whichever the case, this was amazing.


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