Freedom Is Nothing But The Chance to Be Better


Ends of years are strange things. It’s almost as if there’s a sort of forced sense of reflection one is required to have on the progress (or regression) made that year whether that be career changes, living situations, relationships, whatever. However it is we trivially gauge self-worth rears its ugly head by the calendar  year, and January is often spent at least partially in the throes of existential crisis.  If there’s one thing I learned this year at all, sometimes the most out of control situations have the biggest impact on your life and there’s nothing you can or could have done to control it.

2012 was a terrible horrible no good very bad year turned into the greatest year of my life in just a few short weeks. Whenever there’s the annual recall, it’s weird to look back on such a bi-polar slew of  mental minefield months and revisit the times that were less than great. Especially when the last month of the year rolls around and it’s damn near impossible to recollect a happier time.

Whether it be the big change in my job, the timing that finally worked out to let me fall incredibly in love with one of my best friends, or the fact that I’ve learned to cherish the nights of quiet at home with my oldest college friend – I’m not sure. I think it’s all of it but more than that – it’s that it all happened accidentally and when I wasn’t even looking. I have a family going into the end of this year that didn’t exist this time last December and if ever I’ve nearly cried at a wooden restaurant breakfast table, it was now from sheer happiness.


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