They Knew It Was Only A Matter of Time


This whole end of the world thing is just another excuse for every bar and club to have a really easy theme party but it’s interesting to hear people reflect on what they would spend the day doing if it was their last day. Honestly, I don’t really know what I would do nor would I really care as long as I had the people around me I loved the most. My answer was simple and totally true:


I would wake up, put on my best end of the world frock and gold party shoes, grab a coffee and a waffle from Blue Dahlia with EXTRA POWDERED SUGAR, get my friends, my handsome better half, and my pup together and pack an amazing picnic to take to Laguna Gloria near the water and the trees full of fine wines, Henri’s cheeses, fireworks, a record player and a slew of giant balloons with streamers on the strings. Then I would log onto Do512, see that the only thing scheduled for that day was, in fact, the world exploding, and I would twirl and dance and laugh and sing Grapevine Fires and kiss and love everyone until I burst into sparkles forever.


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