Live in the Present & Make It so Beautiful That It Will Be Worth Remembering


From the vapid wasteland that would be my sad and tired little mind were there nothing like a magical box to fill it with thoughts and glorious ways to compile lists and lists of idealistic and picturesque images of what my life ought to look like and what I ought to be thinking about in my spare not so spare time comes the greatest things I found in 2012! 

I’m not a lifestyle blogger because heaven help me I’m so dang darn overwhelmed with opportunity (I don’t say I’m busy…see here) that I don’t have the time. But I know about cool stuff and I like to live off of it most of the time and I’d like to remember it all past the two week span my truck stop of a brain allots.

This list is broken out into categories which include: Clinically Insane Delights of Whimsy, Where To Buy Things the Day You Get Paid to Ensure You’re Broke the Next Day Before You Get Paid, More Pretentious Than a Stubborn Affinity For French Music, and of course – Life Hacks for a Refined and Enlightened Pescetarian (90% of the time)



Clinically Insane Delights of Whimsy: 

Pinfreakingtrest – Whatever it’s great for fast ideas as long as you’re not one of those girls planning your fake wedding on it. If it’s a real wedding, it’s allowed. If it’s fake, it’s just not. (He’s just not that pinned to you….) Really it’s more like a throw pillow Zooey Deschanel picture laden paradise soooo…

Your Urban Outfitters Boyfriend –  2am at the Range in Albuquerque. Dan has driven all night, but you’re both a long way before Cali and you’ve run out of money for motel rooms. You’re sipping free coffee with your legs tucked under you when you hear a tinny, digital click. “Are you taking photos of me for instagram?” “No,” Dan replies, typing something. “I’m doing a photo tumblr of our trip.” “How many followers?” “Four hundred, but it’ll go up when I start tagging ‘hot girl’ in these.” – Blocks baby pictures in your news feed. Don’t get me wrong, I like babies. I’d even probably like YOUR baby. This is not a slipped in “I’m never having kids because I’m unjustifiably cynical towards children” link. It’s just funny. If we could block the rock shots (hey, that’s not your face that’s a ring!) and the wedding pictures from your soiree three years ago, we’d have a better universe.

Roku – I don’t believe in video games or Xboxes and I could tell you why but I’m not going to. I do believe in having a device that is literally dirt cheap that brings guilty pleasure reruns of HIMYM and more movies than I could ever watch into my living room though. Magic.

New Girl – I hate TV but I love New Girl because it’s downright hilarious and has my queen and dog’s namesake in it ***ZOOEY FOR PRESIDENT!***


Where to Buy Things the Day You Get Paid to Ensure You’re Broke the Next Day Before You Get Paid

Everlane – everything is under $100 and is swank to the eeeeee.

Uncrate – roommate need Bourbon Marshmallows and Moonshine Maple Syrup stat? There’s an app for that.

Birchbox – Your eyebrows may still suck because you should never have tweezed them blindly at 13 but at least with Birchbox they’ll smell good AND different – every month!

Wantful – The best gift idea site for your friend that always buys you way more than you do for her on your birthday.

Frank & Oak – Where to buy presents for boys for under $50 hello that’s what’s up.

Quirky – because it’s not a condescending word when it’s the name of cool stuffs.

Hypejar – New and crazy stuff you definitely do not need.


More Pretentious Than A Stubborn Affinity For French Music

Coursera! – College classes. For free. I love you I love you I’m not in love with you but I love you! If you’ve known me the years following the reception of a mildly underwhelming undergraduate degree, you’ve heard me bemoan the fact that my brain would inevitably atrophy if I did not spend $80,000 on a grad school double major stat. Then comes Coursera and is like “honey, honey no you can’t quit your job because you’re not rich enough and let’s be honest – you’re not actually smart enough but here, have a finance certificate from Stanford…” and all is right with the universe! I’m back to exhibiting mediocre intelligence in actual college classes and I. Like. It. – It’s like, what the WORLD listens to, man. I mean, I know all about the Swiss just from when I was putting my socks on this morning.

Role Reboot – Boys are allowed make cookies in a kitchen and girls can play baseball and skateboard and here’s other people who think that. – Bonus points if you like, totally have friends’ work show up on there and therefore in your Google reader. You’re dancing the cat sweater wearing line of almost cool.

Flavorwire – Always super interesting. I want to meet them all.

PrettyMuchAmazing – You see what it says folks. It’s an awesome music blog and pretty much amazing.


Life Hacks for a Refined and Enlightened Pescetarian (90% of the time)

Wunderlist – also known as a database for how, why, where, when and with whom I live my life. I list everything. EVERYTHING. This way, if I see something I want to make for dinner at work, I list in on my computer then pull it up on my phone at the store and then on my iPad in the kitchen and badabingtown you have some righteous blend of quinoa zuchinni somethingrather in your face!

Brain Pickings – Wanna read about why you’re feeling like a crazy person all the time? Do it. Go ahead.

A Spotify Premium Account – Those commercials are eating your soul. Pony up.

Google Reader – Shut UP about your Google Reader, Rachel!

Flipboard – Talking about Flipboard totally counts as sorta talking about Google Reader. Get it all!

Pocket – SAVE things in your Google Reader AND your Flipboard to read for later in your Pocket. ARAHGAH THE INTERNET IS AMAZING! The dentist’s office will never suck again. Until they have to stick the sucking straw thing in your mouth and then it literally will.

Hipmunk and Plnnr- Don’t ever, ever, ever book directly from hotels. I was slow to learn that but quick to believe. Book with your friendly neighborhood Hipmunk Trip Advisor instead! Then have Pinnr suggest things to do in the quiet moments.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this as I remember stuff but, I want to look at all of it now instead of this.

All images linked to their original sources 

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