Moments of Time as of Late

The camera on the iPhone is the bomb. It’s the easiest way to capture fairly decent photos amazingly fast. Plus, with apps like Instagram, Whitagram, and Afterglow, editing them literally takes seconds. But really, my love was born out of necessity –  it’s all I ever had. I’ve wanted a “big girl” camera for years…yeaaaars…but I’ve simply never been able to justify fully its purchase.

Ever since I used to sneak the DSLRs out of the DMS in college (are you a photography student? Errrrmmm…) to take pictures of my dog, I’ve wanted one so badly. Photography has always been something I’ve considered an option to be a creative outlet simply because I’m not artistic – but I am creative.

This is a very roundabout way of saying, Kevin got me my first DSLR for Christmas and I’m so excited to have a creative outlet other than spray painting things. He literally did this after maybe two casual mentions from me about enjoying it back when I was a lil frosh and wanting to learn more. Here’s where I talk about how incredulous I was when I opened the box and how amazing he is but that’s so embarrassing for everyone so I won’t. (eep amazing!)

Here’s maybe my last batch of self indulgent circle frame highly filtered phone images before I set out with my big girl cam.


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