A Thinking Spot – The Red Swing Project


Ever been walking around your neighborhood and find a random smattering of red swings tied to the underside of an overpass? Sounds absolutely awesome right? The kind of thing that only people like Zooey Deschanel and anyone named Chloe wander into as they’re trying to coax the world into taking them seriously despite their affinity for bows and Peter Pan collars on a post-rainy Saturday morning…

Well I have some news. Last Saturday, I was on such a meander and there WERE swings to be stumbled upon and I had absolutely zero idea they existed prior to running smack into it. My name is not Chloe.

It’s frankly one of the more charming things I have encountered as of late and I absolutely love it. A telling stamp on the swing indicated that these were 4 of 153 internationally placed swings that are left behind to bring smiles to random meanderers by the Red Swing Project. Name makes sense. Talk about an absolutely lovely weekend maker.

swing3I’d tell you where they are but I want to swing some more first…redswingkev2 rachelswing2

“We anonymously hang red swings in public places inspiring playfulness around the world.” — Red Swing Project


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