Head Rest is Best – San Antonio’s Hotel Havana


It doesn’t matter if it’s only an hour and some change away – sometimes you just gotta get outta your house for the day. Hotel Havana in San Antonio has been on my radar for about a year now and I kept saying “one day, I’m just gonna go pick up and go there…for no reason…cause I can.”

So I did!

It certainly did not disappoint. From their aviary themed and beautifully designed upstairs bar and restaurant, Ocho, to their Cuban themed rooms – Havana has the absolute perfect blend of modern charm meets vintage musk.  One need not be surprised to hear that the charming 210 location comes from the mind behind Austin’s own Hotel San Jose and Saint Cecilia, Liz Lambert.

king suite

From the second they hand you your keys (the cutest keys ya ever did see!) to when you get to see what color Smeg Fridge your room is adorned with, it’s perfectly charming. Mine was pink! I put my water bottle in it….because I could.

My advice? Go randomly – just cause. Get the coffee. Say hi to Hector downstairs. Bring a book or find a reason to work in the wall to wall vintage carpeted office space downstairs. Wear the swanky robe they put in your room. Listen to the floorboards creak.

“It’s like being stuck in a David Lynch film…I love it.” — most accurate depiction and notable quote from the entire trip.

photo (10)


Also, I decided that EVERYTHING on the in room breakfast menu needed to be tried. Before you go thinking I’m two ton Tilly, at least one of those things was some kind of fruit and there was a whole pot of coffee sooo…


Go, go, and go. Sometimes, a little away time is the best rest for the head


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