Hey How’s It Going? How Are You? I’m Amazing. – GIRLS Season 2 Premiere by HBO & ATX Television Festival


—and to trim my bangs…geez

Here’s the thing – if I’m to come up with a resolution on the spot, I’ma need some time to plan for that, ya know? Otherwise I will consistently resort to the dance pants and wheehootyhoo just TRY to argue with that.

As grumpy frumpy as I like to be at New Year’s, you can’t very well be the girl that’s all like “my resolution is to not make a resolution” in public because then people are like, “she kinda sucks.”



The GIRLS obsession is sweeping what our parent’s books like to call, the Millennials *DUN DUN DUN* across the country into HBO land –  so much so that it landed its angsty little self two Golden Globes.  For a show written by a 24 year old, that’s not too shabby.

HBO and the ATX Television Festival hosted the season 2 premiere here this past Tuesday at Alamo Drafthouse with complimentary shakers full of party time and raspberries, a random array of fried macaroni and cheese and popcorn, and of course, custom nail art.

I’m not really into nail art but I got Shoshonna which is like weird because my office says I’m like Shosh but I don’t have cable so that’s why I don’t get the MTV references but I don’t think I am so I don’t get it or the bows on my hands but hi how are you? I’m amazing.  Emoji?

afterglow (1)I wish I could have free food and drinks and party time always when I’m watching TV. I wish I could watch all my tv on a mundo inch screen with a waiter for ma food wishes. I wish I could almost get it kinda together.



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