The Art of Hammock Hanging

My backyard recently tripled in size which caused two things to happen. Thing one was it will now take two hours to chop down my Dagobah instead of one, and thing two is I can hang like, 50 hammocks.

Luckily for the city of Austin, my landlord, and the neighbors who somehow sneek a peek into my place of outdoor dwelling, I only own one. Thus, before I go throwing drum circle parties in my backyard and sleeping with the fireflies, the one shall be hung and all visiting backyard humans may bring me my appropriately grilled salmon filet before they kick their various types of athletic balls dangerously close to my noggin as I swing twah and fro in my hammock delight.

I’m also thinking of renting it out as a pee-wee soccer field and selling lime popsicles out of the kitchen in attempt to make spare change, but again with the City of Austin and their book of violation frowns. Hammock first.


If you think that’s a bug on your face, it probably is ¬†– lessons from the hammock



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