On to the Next One


This past month I said goodbye to a world that was incredibly kind to me. When I was 17, my college roommate asked me what my dream job would be. I answered that it would be getting paid to cover live music and work with companies I genuinely liked on a daily basis. I told her I wanted to be able to wear whatever I wanted to work and still be treated like a leader that was capable of managing people and projects. I wanted to talk to other people doing big things, and live in a big city. I wanted the fun job. I wanted the fast pace. I feel incredibly fortunate to say that due to a big chance taken on me by a lot of people, I got that job, and have spent the past couple of years in environments that I’ve loved with people I’ve loved. However, dreams change. While I still can’t believe the opportunities I was given, the things I saw, or the humans I met, it came to light that it was time to move on.

I’m leaving with a wide-eyed disbelief at the experiences I was fortunate enough to have while still being able to pay my rent, countless people that are now my closest friends and, unexpectedly enough, the man of my dreams. I’m also leaving with an inexplicable amount of amazing memories and a box of wristbands as my proof that these days were real. It’s been a solid run. On to the next one.


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