Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Hannah Dansie
Hannah Dansie

For years, I’ve wanted to be my own boss, control who I work for, go to a new office every morning, and get as much experience with as many people as I possibly can.

Oddly enough, I thought that goal was something that was way down the line for me. The excuses to not jump into the shark tank that is “freelance” were countless – how do you make sure people pay you? How do you set your rate? How do you manage your taxes? How do you claim office space?  blah blah.

So, like any pro-active uber planner, I mapped out my 5 year plan. My plan that involved working for Facebook or some money tossing giant for two years, saving my money, and forging out on my own with a hefty financial cushion under me. My life would look like Pinterest worthy gorgonzola tartlet! My skin would glow with the freedom of passionate working. My anxiety levels would cease to be that of an elephant being chased by a freight train. The very fact that I compiled a 5 year plan, of course means that anything and everything except for that happened.

A month into my two months notice at my last job, two business owners I had worked with in the past both called me and asked if I could help them out with managing their clients, their offices, their internal processes, and their production. I hem hawed and said sure, yes, ok, uh huh terrified that none of the “real jobs” I had applied for were panning out.  Then another one called. Then something else.

Turns out, my five year plan was happening right before my eyes. It was just starting on year four. While the first month of working 5 different “full-time” jobs with five different sets of clients and five different desks was tap dancing on the manhole that is labeled “terrifying,” it turns out, freelance account management was the absolute best option for me at this point in my life. Sure, sometimes I look around a get a little jealous of people with – health insurance – but then I realize that being my own boss and learning from people in some awesome fields is the perfect choice for me right now.

Boyfriend got the job at Facebook. 🙂


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