40 Days of Dating – When Best Friends Start to Hold Hands


“You remember Kevin? We hold hands now.” That was basically how we explained in a nutshell that we’d started dating to all the random mutual entities in our lives. When you start off working together and then you become close friends, and then your next workplaces collide pretty frequently, it’s pretty cool to have one of your favorite people around you a lot. You settle into that friendship – talk advice regarding each other’s respective (meh) relationships  – suppress any idea of anything else – and appreciate it for what it is. And then one of you shows up randomly one night, says, “I’m single…I’m here….and I want you,” and next thing you know you’re texting some unsuspecting and perfectly nice dude at 11pm “this won’t work, I’m sorry” – because you realize as soon as he’s said it that you really…really…really want to hold hands with your best friend.


And I still really really do. Every single day.

But I can’t imagine if we’d turned what has happened to be the best year of my life into an experiment or forced our shift into dating with couples therapy and a public eye. I’ll leave that for the two behind 40 Days of Dating, a social experiment by New York designers, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman. They decided they were tired of the prospect of dating and discovered that they were super bad at it anyways. Taking 40 days to change their habits, they decided to date each other and re-train their brains. Their public documentation of the experiment got national attention and each day was adorned with a custom typeface from one of their mentionable moments that day. Interesting to read but not something I’ll ever be able to understand.


Besides, you couldn’t force me to see K every day. That just happens because we want it to.


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