How Do You Wrap A Saw? …and Other Gifting Solutions

Call me snobby but I like to try and track down the unexpected when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. Where does that land me? Generally it lands me somewhere in the realm of having to figure out how to wrap a hand painted saw whilst tangling myself in Scotch tape and trying to keep my dog from eating the bow I decided must be worth six dollars. It’s an analogy, sure – but it’s pretty accurate.



Make Your Own Luck / Color Blocked Cardigan / Know Where Co. Saw / Lucite # / Leif Throw / White & Gold Deer Mount / Arrow Doormat



Biere Glasses / Smoked Chocolate Chips / Enamel Mug / Basil Hayden’s Whiskey / Kiehl’s / Petrified Design Drafting Table / Vans Ludlow / Everlane Backpack 



Coin / Roku Projector / Celebrate The Little Things / Monocle Guide / Nice Laundry / West Elm Couch / Pie Box & Strap



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