Clothes Swap

AKA – how to host a clothing swap party.

Step 1: Invite the Peoples!

Glitter and gold and cookies and shoes, we’re having a party and yes, we’ll have booze.

Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the house, all our clothes looked so boring, made us look frumps like a mouse.

The stockings are new, but just aren’t that flattering – “my hips are too wide!” that mini skirt cried out, tattling.

We have no money, to buy presents for friends, “OH EMM GEE let’s invite them to swapskie instead!”

“A smashing idea!,” said my too small nice frocks. “You can trade us in for something that makes you look hawt!”

Whatever you bring, be it new or gently loved, we invite you to swap it and get out winter’s funk.

Step 2: Make the Rules


1. Clothing Items: We request that each female attendee bring at least TWO items that don’t fit properly or you’re just bored with. Please no items ready for Goodwill. Think more of a Buffalo Exchange caliber swap instead. You may bring as many items as you like as long as they are in good condition. We will include shoes and accessories as well. You may take as many items as you feel genuinely fit you. If in doubt, there will be plenty of people drinking, and honest opinions will be easy to find. Gentlemen, you’re more than welcome to bring items for the swap if you find the idea appealing! We just didn’t feel it ought to be required.

Remaining items will be donated to Dress For Success – a local charity that provides women in need with professional, clean, work appropriate clothing.

2. Book Items: Since we’re allowing gentlemen this year (BY DEMAND?!) we also ask that each attendee bring one book for trade. Please no old college textbooks. Nice try.

3. Pet my dog. Her name is Zooey. She’s nice.

4. Park on the street. Not on my neighbor’s driveway. They will leave you a grammatically incorrect and mildly snooty note.

Cocktails, beer, snacks and mirrors will be provided. If you do not have any clothes you’re looking to get rid of, please come and participate anyways! . This party is not actually on ice. It’s a rental.

Step 3: Get Clothing Racks from a Department Store!

Chances are, someone you know works retail

Step 4: Have a football game on and/or a designated changing room for the girls. No sneaky creep peeps!

Step 5: Do a celebratory kickline afterwards because it’s fun and good.


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