Welcome to New York


Austin has my heart but New York has my energy. Taking a week of working remotely, spending time with friends I love, and being surrounded by people who were all someone else before they landed in the bustle is something I’ve grown obsessively addicted to. Ironically enough, my first work event during the Ingress days I swore I would never live there. Now, I’m just wishing I hadn’t bought a new car 3 months ago.

That and rent in Austin is stupid and if you’re going to spend $1200 a month on a one bedroom you should at least consider doing it where there’s a change of scenery.

I suppose I’m old enough to have the courage of my convictions but young enough to still indulge in frivolity and that’s our greatest takeaway from this rant that will likely take months if not years if not never to even come close to acting on.


AND NOW! As if I haven’t already gone completely delusional and lost all sense of reality in my old age, please enjoy this song by new unknown indie darling…






One thought on “Welcome to New York

  1. Rachel, please don’t say never. I’m on a similar boat: I swore if be the gel out of Austin by April to move to NYC… and welp, here I still am.
    I keep resetting when I’m leaving, but things keep happening and new jobs tempt me to stay but I can’t let that sway me from taking a chance in NYC… eventually.
    the best thing to do is to keep focused on that goal and regardless of how long it takes to get there, at least get there.
    don’t say never, you just never know. keep your chin up and take a chance when the signs become overwhelmingly obvious to move [-;

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