A Nod to 2016


2015 has come and gone and reflecting back on it compared to years prior, this was quite frankly my least creative, least inspired, and most professionally consuming year. In March, I realized I was working in a place that wasn’t true to who I was and didn’t operate day to day business with ethics that I could stand behind. I found a new job at a startup that was literally on the precipice of exploding in size when I started and next thing I know, I woke up 6 months later with my passion projects, creative endeavors, programming school, and freelance jobs sitting on the backburner.

While those things needed to happen, I can’t ignore the respect I have for those who lead a creative life and want to focus the beginnings of this year back on those projects. I really love my current job and find my company and its leadership wildly inspiring – but looking back on my 2015 revelations, one of my main points was that your job does not define you. The output in other areas of my life has always been my main focus and I think stating it out loud is the first step to getting those projects back on track. After hearing a podcast from a best-selling author regarding how she was able to get started as a professional writer, she said something that gave me a lot of peace about doing it all.

“Never burden your creativity with the responsibility of paying for your life. Respect your creativity too much to quit your day job while you work on your other goals and projects.” 

2015 was a great adjusting year for me. I said goodbye for good to some friends that were really hurting my spirit and have left gossip and negativity as a thing of my past. I sorted through those “breakups” for a long time but came to realize that at the end of the day, we were silently fighting a war over the fact that we were all just becoming who we are supposed to be. Since changing the crowd I hang out with, I’m finding that I’m surrounded by inspiring people who work hard, respect creativity, care to explore their faults, and react to conflict or feedback with positivity and the will to change. That has been one of the most refreshing alterations in my life and while I regret the energy I poured into fruitless “forever friendships” that ended overnight, it helped me learn a lesson that will stick with me and help me manage my future time with others.


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